Why did I receive a notice for my vacant lot?

The notice is a courtesy reminder sent by the Fire Departments Community Risk Reduction Bureau to owners of vacant parcels within the City of Sanger reminding them that the cut down date is April 15th each year. Starting on April 15th, the Fire Department will be conducting inspections on the vacant properties. Properties not in compliance with the City Municipal Code and the California Fire Code will be issued a citation and an official Notice of Violation for compliance. After 10 days, if the lot is still not in compliance, the City of Sanger will have its contractor abate the problem and the property owner will be billed.

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1. Why did I receive a notice for my vacant lot?
2. Do I have a right to an appeal hearing?
3. What will happen if I do nothing to the property and don't request an appeal hearing?
4. How much will it cost to have the city clear my property?
5. I no longer own the property, what do I do with the notice?
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