Water Shut Off Policy SB 998

The State legislature has enacted Senate Bill 998 (“SB 998”) known as the Water Shut Off Protection Act.  It is intended to help residential water users who lose access to water service due to their inability to pay. It requires procedural protections before residential water service can be discontinued for non-payment. These protections apply to water service provided by an "urban water supplier," an "urban and community water system," and a "public water system" as those terms defined in SB 998 requires water suppliers to have a written policy on discontinuation of services (Shut Off Policy), prohibits discontinuance until accounts are a least 60 days delinquent, requires seven (7) business days' notice before interruption, requires water suppliers to offer payment arrangements to residents who cannot pay and are willing to make payments via alternative methods, and other requirements.


The City of Sanger was required to comply with SB 998 by February 1, 2020.