Streets, Parks & Facilities Maintenance

The Streets, Parks and Facilities Division protects the investment the community has made in its infrastructure - the streets, buildings, parks, and other facilities that belong to all Sanger residents. The division is responsible for a wide range of functions, including graffiti removal and maintaining the City's:

  • Buildings
  • Landscapes
  • Parks
  • Sidewalks
  • Streetlights
  • Streets
  • Trees
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Typical Division Duties 


  • Installs street signs
  • Paints traffic lane and pavement legends
  • Maintains public sidewalks, City storm drains, and asphalt pavements over 65 miles of public streets


  • Maintains a wide range of City-owned properties, including: 
    • Landscaped areas of public grounds
    • Parks
    • Recreational trails
    • Reservoir sites
  • Oversees the City's median island and street tree maintenance contracts


The Maintenance Services Building and Facility Maintenance Division is committed to providing its customers with safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing facilities that are in a proper state of repair. 

The Division maintains and repairs 11 of the City's park facilities, and all City-owned electrical equipment. Duties include:

  • Electrical maintenance
  • General carpentry
  • General repairs
  • Graffiti removal for both public and private property
  • Parking structure maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Street light maintenance
  • Swimming pool maintenance and repair
  • A variety of miscellaneous duties

Reporting Concerns

Please call 876-6300, option 1  to report concerns.