The Sanger Police Department has a "zero tolerance" policy on all graffiti crimes. Juveniles who commit graffiti crimes will be arrested and detained. Parents or legal guardians of the juveniles will be held liable for damage caused to property. View the Municipal Code, Chapter 38, Article II - Graffiti.

The city of Sanger assists residents in the removal of graffiti from their private property.

Reporting Graffiti Incidents

To report Graffiti, please use our online request tracker. Please include the address/location of the graffiti or provide a detailed description of the location of the graffiti; i.e, on the fence located at the corner of A Street and B Street.

If you observe someone defacing property, please contact the Police Department immediately at 559-875-8521. Please provide the location and a description of the individuals.

Residents Outside the City Limits

For residents who live outside the city limits, please contact Fresno County to report graffiti.