Business Licensing Information

A business license is required for anyone who wishes to operate a business or who provides deliveries of goods or services within the City limits.

General Business License Information

As a starting point for general business license questions or information please call our Administrative Services Department at 559-876-6300, ext. 1100, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Valid Business License

Generally, anyone who operates a business within City limits or provides deliveries of goods or services within City limits must obtain a valid City business license. A business license application may be obtained by calling 559-876-6300, ext 1100, request that an application is mailed or sent via email to you, make a request online, or you may come to the Administrative Service Department at:
1700 7th Street
Sanger, CA 93657

Expanding / Relocating

Businesses looking to expand or relocate in Sanger should contact Tom Navarro, Director of Economic Development at 559-876-6300, ext. 1520 or Planning at 559-876-6300, ext. 1540.

Thank You

On behalf of the City of Sanger and the local business community, we wish to thank you for choosing to do business here. The City of Sanger and its residents have a strong commitment to community, sustainability, and collaboration, and we are confident you will enjoy your business experience.