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    In 1890, J.S. Filloon built Sanger's first water works, consisting of a boiler room, pump house and water tower. In 1896, Frank Kummeth took over the operation of the water system and operated it until 1914 when the water works was purchased by the City for $8,000. Later a steel tower and water tank were erected at Fifth street and Academy.

    Ground Water was and is the sole water supply for the City. The Kings River recharges the groundwater, along with runoff from the foothills, which has been sufficient to meet the needs of the area. The City has eight wells and two above ground storage tanks, which supply water through a water distribution system consisting of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter water mains. The City is capable of producing 14,458 acre- feet of water per year from eight wells, with an average depth of 235 feet. The current demand is 5,364 acre- feet of water per year. The City operates four granular activated carbon water treatment plants to remove dibromochloropropane (DBCP). The water from the water treatment plants and other City wells are chlorinated prior to deliver to our customers. The water meets all State and Federal requirements. The water system is monitored on a 24 hour basis for pressure and flow in the water distribution system through an alarm monitoring system.

Sanger Water Tower
Frank Sani
(559) 876-6300

If you have water quality concerns or wish to report a water leak, please call
876-6300, option 1

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