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Contact Person: John F. Mulligan, (559) 876-6300 ext.1250 or
The Adopt a Park/Planter is a program offered through the City of Sanger Public Works Department. The program allows citizens, groups, and businesses the opportunity to contribute to the beautification of the City of Sanger. The City has 16 parks located throughout the City with various levels of amenities and landscaping. The City also has some planter areas located downtown that are available to be adopted.

The planter areas are located on the corners of or in front of businesses and parks. A majority of the planters are located in the Downtown area on 7th Street between O Street and Academy Avenue. The parks are located throughout Sanger.

Citizens, groups, and businesses may adopt a park or planter in which they plant and maintain the flowers/greenery. An entire park can be adopted or just particular area within parks such as playgrounds and basketball courts.

With the adoption of a park or planter, you will be responsible for the maintenance of the area, litter removal, and the removal of any green waste.

Any citizen, family, social group, church group, school, or business is welcome.

How do I become involved with ADOPT A PARK/PLANTER?
There is no cost to participate in this program. In order to participate in this exciting and rewarding program, you must first complete the City of Sanger Adopt A Park/Planter Program Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The form must be submitted to the Public Works Department located at 1700 7th Street, Sanger, CA 93657. The signed form will be reviewed with staff members for each specific site and assistance and direction will be given prior to approval.  There must be a designated responsible person over the age of 21 affiliated with the organization or individual in order to participate.  

The City of Sanger thanks you for volunteering to help make Sanger a more beautiful and enjoyable place to live and work.


John Mulligan
Interim Public Works Director
(559) 876-6300 Ext. 1210
Adopt a Park MOU  

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