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Encroachment Application

  1. Fee $75

  2. Applicant/Contractor Information

  3. Applicant understands license requirement:

    I have read the General Conditions attached to this application and shall comply with them, any special conditions, and all provisions of the City of Sanger Municipal Code.

  4. Sanger City Code Section 18.16 et. seq.

  5. Permission is requested to encroach on the City right-of-way as follows:

    Complete all items: If not applicable, please indicate by writing 'N/A.'

  6. Distance and Direction from Site

  7. Excavation

  8. Pipes

  9. Notice of Materials to Be Used

  10. It is requested that you arrange for sampling, testing and inspection of materials prior to delivery in accordance with the City's Standard Specifications. It is understood that source inspection does not relieve me of the full responsibility for incorporating in the work materials that comply in all respects with the contract plans and specifications, nor does it preclude the subsequent rejection of materials found to be unsuitable.

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